2020-06-06 17:57:15 Prof. Dr. Marcia J. Bunge (St. Peter, Minnesota)

I am deeply saddened by the death of Kurt Rudolph. He was a mentor and friend, and I am deeply grateful for his scholarship and the many blessings he brought into my life. I first met Kurt Rudolph when he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago. At that time, I was a graduate student and research assistant in the Divinity School. Since I had studied in Germany (after finishing college and before starting graduate school), and since I spoke German, I was invited in my role as a research assistant to help Professor Rudolph with a few tasks. This simple invitation opened the door to a rich, rewarding, and long-standing relationship with Kurt and his whole family. I learned more about his scholarship, and I came to know about the situation of his family in former East Germany. Coincidentally at that time, I had also been planning a research trip to Weimar with the help of a Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. Thus, I was able to visit Ekkehard in Gotha and family friends in Leipzig just a Kurt and Christel had decided to stay in the United States. During those trying and unusual years (before the fall of the Berlin Wall), I witnessed the creativity and resilience of Kurt and his whole family as they navigated personal losses and political upheavals and continued to pursue their work and foster friendships. Over the years, I have been blessed to remain in touch with them through days in California, Marburg, and Düsseldorf, watching how their lives continued to unfold and flourish. I am still so moved when I think about the many kindnesses Kurt showed to me as a graduate student and over the years and when I reflect on the depth and long-lasting impact of his scholarly contributions. I will miss him!